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            product center

            Who we are

            JRG is the more than 16 years GMP standard leading manufacturer of botanical extracts as well as all series fruit, vegetables, plant powders which certified by QS, CIQ, ISO, KOSHER, HALAL and HACCP in China. The factory covers 26,000 square meters, divided into extraction, refining, drying and packing workshop, warehouse of raw material and finished product. Read more>>

            Service Hotline:+86-29-88490350 / +86-29-87361679 info@jinruigroup.com

            Address:(Plant)7 Zhaoshang Road, Qinghe Food Industry Park , Sanyuan , China .

            Copyright 2014 Sanyuan Jinrui Natural Ingredients Co., Ltd. 陜ICP備06000003號-1


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