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        Grape seed extract application

        2019-09-23 15:39:12

        The nutritional value of grapes is high, and grape juice has always been hailed as “plant milk” by scientists. In addition, grape seed extract is rich in a nutrient “polyphenol”, which is an anti-aging tool. It often eats skin care products or foods made from grape seeds. It can be used for skin care and beauty, delays aging, and makes skin white, delicate and elastic. In addition, what are the applications of grape seed extract?



        1.Grape seed extract application: Daily chemical industry


        The therapeutic effect of grape seed extract proanthocyanidins is closely related to its ability to scavenge free radicals, and the decay of lipids, proteins and nucleic acids caused by environmental skin, mucous membranes and hair is inseparable from free radicals. The cosmetics made from grape seed extract mainly include: night cream, hair cream and mouthwash.


        1. Application of grape seed extract: pharmaceutical industry


        A product made from grape seed extract proanthocyanidins is used to treat microcirculatory diseases. In addition, the grape seed extract proanthocyanidin is compounded with soybean lecithin and used as a vascular protectant and an anti-inflammatory agent. Grape seed exhibits an amazing potential in anti-inflammatory treatments, can play a role in the treatment of many intestinal diseases, and is promising as a treatment against cancer.


        2. Application of grape seed extract: food and beverage industry


        High-quality grape seed extract is widely used in beverages and wines due to its good solubility in water and alcohol, its bright color and remarkable curative effect. In addition, grape seed extract is a natural functional ingredient with strong anti-oxidation properties. It is widely used in various common foods such as cakes and cheeses in Europe and America. It is used as a nutritional supplement and as a natural preservative instead of synthetic antiseptic. Agents (such as benzoic acid, etc.) meet the requirements of people returning to nature and improve the safety of food.


        Grape seed extract has always been JINRU's main product (product specifications include polyphenols, OPC, PAC) and is sold in more than 30 countries at home and abroad.

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