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        Plant extract industry has huge market potential

        2019-10-23 11:52:01

        Plant extracts have gradually become the main growth force for the export of Chinese medicine products, and the heat is still rising. It is reported that China's plant extract industry is currently a sub-sector that is likely to achieve internationalization in the field of Chinese medicine.

        Plant extract is the main raw material of plant medicines. It has the advantages of small toxic and side effects, and is not easy to produce drug resistance. It is widely used, and it is commonly used in health care products, cosmetics, botanicals and other fields.

        In recent years, the steady growth of demand for plant extracts in developed countries and regions, especially in Europe and the United States, has greatly stimulated the development of the industry. 

        According to the analysis report of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the global plant extract sales in 2007 reached US$12.63 billion, reaching US$38.95 billion in 2017, and the average annual market development rate was approximately 12.5%. 

        In China, the current export volume of China's plant extracts industry accounts for more than 80% of the total industry revenue. Among them, exports are the main way to drive the development of the plant extraction industry. 

        According to relevant statistics, the market has a high preference for natural ingredients and drugs, and the development prospects of Chinese plant extracts are improving. With the continuous introduction of favorable industrial support policies, the industry will continue to maintain rapid development. It is estimated that 2022 The annual industry scale will exceed 34 billion yuan.

        Despite the huge market, China's plant extract market still faces enormous challenges. For example, each market has the advantage of localization. The European market promotes unsaturated fatty acid products. The Japanese market is dominated by plant fermentation and bean products. The top 7 products sold in the US market are localized products, which have weakened China. Product trends. 

        For example, plant extract products are slow to innovate. Price and cost have become the focus of competition. The low profit margin has restricted the speed of product development and innovation. The Chinese companies have relied on European and American companies to launch star products every year to drive sales. 

        In addition, pharmaceutical equipment for the production of plant extracts has many problems to be solved. Taking the extraction tank as an example, the extraction tank is an important equipment for producing plant extracts. The traditional extraction tank structure design is unreasonable, and it is easy to produce dead angles in the heating extraction, resulting in uneven heating of the materials, which makes the material extraction efficiency low and cannot be completely extracted. The required ingredients result in the waste of plant extracts. 

        The challenges and problems mentioned above all require industry and enterprises to solve. Some people also analyzed the future trend of China's plant extract industry. First, the policy is becoming stricter; second, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. 

        For example, in the "Management of Chinese Medicine Extracts", the plant extracts have been standardized in the application of medicines or foods, and the international market has become a must for plant extracts. 

        China's plant extract industry started late. If the extraction process standards are relatively backward, the crude extracts will continue to be dominated by homogenization and low-cost competition. It will be difficult to compete with foreign companies that have been operating for many years. 

        Therefore, how to break through is a problem for the current native plant extract enterprises. Experts also suggest that China's plant extract enterprises must improve their competitiveness as soon as possible, and plan and upgrade in terms of products, standards, quality control, innovation capabilities, and corporate development strategies.

        To achieve the above objectives, it is inseparable from the policy preferences and innovation encouragement of the national policy to the industry. At the same time, the industry standards need to be accelerated, and the leading enterprises must actively maintain the industry order and carry out self-purification in the industry.

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