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        The role of plant extracts in skin care products

        2019-10-28 18:23:06

        Ask a question: What kind of functional ingredients will be used in the repair of cosmetics?

        - I don't know if your answer will include the "three-dimensional veteran of "dimensional A-dimensional C-dimensional E". No problem, these three ingredients are indeed too classic, good quality and cheap, good effect, equivalent to salt and sweet vinegar for cooking. But you can't always die. These three things are not there. There are many excellent ingredients in the world of flowers and flowers, which can complement each other. The names of these ingredients may have been seen in major group products, but they do not know how effective they are. Today, we will pick up six kinds of things from the sea.

        01 Sanqi / Ginseng Extract

        I think you must have heard that "Scientists have found that workers who wash ginseng have a pair of white and tender hands, inspired, and strive to combine ginseng and skin care products." The roots, stems, leaves, fruits of ginseng, and other plants of ginseng (such as Panax notoginseng and American ginseng) contain ginsenosides and other active substances; the types and contents of active substances are different in different plants and different parts. The extracts of various plants of the genus are common and different.

        Ginsenosides exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting the activity of oxygen free radicals and metalloproteinases [1]. Recently, the concept of "microinflammation" is very hot. The general idea is that environmental stress, bad work, sun exposure and other unfavorable factors will cause tiny, invisible inflammation in the skin, which will lead to physiology at the molecular and cellular levels. Changes; these tiny changes in the concentration of sand into the tower will eventually lead to visible skin changes, from black long spots to wrinkles. One of the means of repairing the skin is to use anti-inflammatory ingredients to relieve skin micro-inflammation.

        Ginsenosides promote the appearance of new blood vessels in burn sites [2], so there are corresponding skin care patents that it can strengthen skin blood flow, improve skin nutrition, and make skin tone more rosy and lovely. There are also reports on its role in whitening and inhibiting sebum.

        02 Licorice extract

        The licorice extract contains various active ingredients such as glycyrrhizic acid, glycyrrhetinic acid, and licorice. These ingredients have similar effects, both whitening and anti-inflammatory, and anti-inflammatory is the most important. Simply put, almost any bad change on the skin, including but not limited to sensitive, stinging, redness, acne red to translucent, skin aging...

        03 Sea fennel extract

        Like most plant extracts, sea fennel extract also has an antibacterial effect. The essential oil extracted from sea fennel leaves can be used for antioxidants in the food industry. In addition, small-scale experiments have shown that extracts containing 0.1% fennel stem cell extract can help repair skin barriers and reduce water loss. [3]

        04 Turmeric extract

        "Ginger" is not the "ginger" we usually eat. As the name suggests, turmeric has a very rich yellow color, without it there is no Indian curry yellow paste. Turmeric has always been associated with “healing” in traditional Indian culture. In the movie "Wrestling Daddy", the liquid poured during the preparation of the mud for the wrestlers contains turmeric.

        Modern research has proven that curcumin in turmeric does have a powerful force. When administered orally, its anti-inflammatory effect is stronger than the common non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen [4]. It can also exert anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects when applied externally; in mouse experiments, curcumin has successfully reduced skin damage after UVB irradiation, including increased melanin, decreased skin elasticity, thickened skin, and blood vessels in the skin. Both the diameter and the length have increased [5] - we all know that the aging of the skin over time is more serious than natural aging, and this experiment shows that curcumin has the potential to reduce photoaging.

        05 Inverted hazelnut extract

        What is the "dumpling"? If you say "mangosteen extract", is it more familiar? Mangosteen extract contains α-mangostin, β-mangostin, γ-mangostin and the like. In addition to anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory, three kinds of scorpion, especially α-mangostin, can inhibit gelatinase activity in the skin [3]. Gelatinase degrades gelatin, and gelatin is degraded and the skin's elasticity is reduced.

        06 Baichi flower seed oil

        Let's break the sentence together: white / pool flowers, not "white chi / flower". As the name implies, this is the oil extracted from the seeds of the white flower. Like other vegetable oils, it also bears the responsibility of moisturizing and helping to repair the skin barrier in skin care products. However, in recent years, it has become more and more frequent in all kinds of high-end skin care products, and it must be its own uniqueness. For example, the refined white pond flower seed oil has no taste (unlike sesame oil), not greasy (squinted coconut oil), although it contains more than 98% long-chain unsaturated fatty acids, but it is not easy to oxidize and degrade (the olive oil does not look at others And it is you).

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