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        Plant extracts in healthy weight loss

        2019-11-19 09:53:21

        Plant extract industry as a new industry has become the focus of attention in the field of food and drug in the world. In recent years, experts and enterprises in various fields have made many breakthroughs in the research and development of plant extracts. The extraction of various effective ingredients in plants means that natural elements can replace more artificial elements, and further enrich the functionality of food and drugs.

        Apple extract: relieving asthma and anti obesity

        Apple is a well-known fruit.The results showed that the flavonoid active substance phloretin (PT) from apple tree could reduce the symptoms of AHR, inflammation and oxidative stress in induced asthma mice. PT is a kind of substance existing in the fruit, leaves and bark of apple trees. Previous studies have confirmed that PT has good effects in regulating glucose transporter, promoting tumor cell withering, increasing lipid metabolism and anti obesity.

        Pepper extract: helps lose weight

        Capsaicin is the latest extract from Capsicum. The study found that daily intake of 2 mg capsaicin for 12 weeks had a certain relationship with the significant reduction of calories. Capsimax pepper extract comes from sweet pepper, which is rich in capsaicin, but does not cause burning sensation in the mouth and stomach. It is understood that capsimax ingredients can currently be applied to hundreds of product formulations, especially those targeted at weight management, energy support or performance enhancing products.

        Tomato extract: helps to prevent and treat gastric cancer

        Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals. Researchers from the United States and Italy found that tomato extracts can not only prevent the growth of gastric cancer cells, but also interfere with the metastasis of cancer cells. In addition, the researchers found that the anti-cancer effect of tomato extract did not specifically implement a specific compound. Their antitumor effect does not seem to be related to a specific component (such as lycopene), and their antitumor effect is overall effective.

        Fenugreek extract helps you burn fat

        Fenugreek has a good health care effect. This herbal medicine has become a well-known nutritional supplement. It is said that clinical research has proved that it can safely accelerate the consumption of visceral fat and increase the synthesis of lean muscle in anti training. As a kind of natural functional raw material with outstanding solubility and soft flavor, Fenugreek is very suitable for functional food and drink, without adding additional spices.It has high stability and is suitable for a variety of delivery forms, including tablets, capsules, powders and drinks. It can be specifically applied to cereal food, bakery food and nutrition bars.

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