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        Talk about big health- The third phase - Heatstroke Prevention

        2022-06-24 16:41:33

        Recently, summer is really coming. The continuous high temperature in Xi'an is scorching the ground. The surface temperature of Jingyang reached a terrifying 71 degrees at the highest. As a "stove city" with a long history, though the temperature is near 

        40 ℃, but people living in Xi'an are not surprised. Unfortunately, the first high temperature day of the year came too early. Chongqing was still breezy, and it was cool in the morning and evening. When it was hot at noon, Xi'an had already entered the high temperature season all day long, which was really unpredictable.

        Since no way to avoid it, we have to think of artificial heatstroke prevention. Please allow me share with you the details.

        Heatstroke refers to the central nervous system and (or) cardiovascular dysfunction due to dysfunction of the thermoregulatory center or sweat gland failure, as well as excessive loss of water and electrolytes in a high temperature or humidity, airtight environment. The main manifestation of acute disease. According to the severity of the disease, there are three types: Threatened Heat Stroke, Mild Heat Stroke, and Severe Heat Stroke. According to different pathogenesis and clinical manifestations, severe heat stroke can be divided into three types: heat cramp, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke (including exertional heat stroke and non-exertional heat stroke). These types, which can occur successively or simultaneously in the same patient, are often indistinguishable. Among them, heat stroke is the most serious. It can be seen that heat stroke is a disease, and we should pay attention to it.

        In summer, keep the following points in mind:

        1. Don't be hot to cold too fast: This is common among young people who like to take a cold shower or blow cold air against the air conditioner for a long time after being heated. This will cause the pores to close quickly, resulting in body heat that cannot be eliminated, vasoconstriction, and insufficient blood supply to the brain;

        2. Drink less beverages: We are often taught to drink more boiled water and drink less beverages. Too high sugar content in beverages will be very diuretic, resulting in excessive loss of body fluids;

        3. Drink water in a timely manner: Once the working people who have been sitting in the office for a long time are busy, they often fail to consider hydration. When they think of drinking water, their body has already entered a state of water shortage. It is the healthiest to drink eight glasses of water every day;

        4. Pull curtains in time: Some people are not used to pulling curtains during the day and feel that there is not enough light in the house, but in fact, pulling curtains can effectively block direct sunlight, and it is best to use thermal insulation curtains if conditions permit.

        In addition to these artificial operations, I would also like to share a few herbal extracts with summer heat protection functions:

        1. Mung bean extract: Mung bean soup is a good soup for Chinese people to prevent heatstroke and quench their thirst since ancient times, and mung bean can be used as medicine because of its heat-clearing and detoxifying, diuretic and eyesight effects.

        2. Green tea extract: Green tea contains a lot of polyphenols, which have the effect of clearing away heat and relieving summer heat, producing body fluid and quenching thirst. The catechins in green tea can also be used in sunscreen products.

        3. Ginger extract: Ginger is a regular seasoning in our home, which can dispel cold and dehumidify, warm the lungs and relieve cough. In addition to daily cooking, traditional Chinese medicine is also commonly used. The climate is warm in summer, and the weather is often accompanied by steamer-like weather after rain. Ginger can come in handy at this time.


        4. Agastache Herbs Extract: Ageratum-liquid is the best solution for heatstroke that we are all familiar with. It is cheap and affordable with stable efficacy. Usually we have symptoms such as palpitation, nausea, sweating, etc. A bottle of Ageratum-liquid can solve all problems.


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